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COVID-19 will leave a profound and lasting impact on the world. For finance, the last 12 months have been dominated with an impossible struggle between two contrasting priorities Рprotecting people’s lives and livelihoods. There have been winners and losers, some sectors have thrived, and others have been brought to a complete standstill. We have also seen significant changes in customer and consumer behaviour Рsome that are here to stay.

With the world becoming cautiously optimistic at the promise of a vaccine, it is clear that the road to recovery will be long and many more businesses will be lost along the way. As if post-pandemic recovery was not a big enough challenge, businesses will also have to tackle the consequences of a no-deal BREXIT as well as preparing for the transition away from LIBOR.

As in any recession, especially one at this unprecedented scale, the need for speed and cost control has never been greater. As the guardians of liquidity the vital role of the treasury function plays in business is indisputable.

The Treasury Leaders Virtual Summit (TLVS), is the platform which brings together the forward-thinking finance leaders who have the vision and tenacity to take the reins and come back fighting!

TLVS equips finance professionals with the 4-step guide to thrive in a new landscape and meet future disruptions with confidence:

  • STEP 1 Treasury 4.0: How to build the agile treasurer
  • STEP 2 Digital transformation: How to transform in times of crisis
  • STEP 3 Business Resilience: How to build a strategy for the new world
  • STEP 4 Mindful Leadership: How to rise to the challenge